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Monday, June 6, 2011

The 2012 Countdown is Well Underway, So Why not Choose to Celebrate?

Greetings, my Friends! 

Since an unusual number of folks lately have requested that I begin a regular newsletter once again (it's been YEARS since I did this, so I do my best to pay attention when something keeps coming to my attention over & over in a short span of time) I thought I'd give it a go again, but this time, via blog. So Welcome, and Thank YOU for being here!

Since the early 1990s, I have been channeling (primarily in writing, but on occasion in gallery style & private readings) a wonderful group of beings who have always identified themselves to me as "The Brotherhood of Light." You can look them up; there are a variety of names for these entities out there. Primarily composed of Ascended Masters, their number includes St. Germain, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, St. Francis and many other incredibly enlightened souls. It is a privilege to share their messages on a larger scale with those who are seeking it, once again.

With all the broohaha about 2012, the timing feels appropriate, especially since the predicted end of the world didn't arrive recently (apparently due to some mathematical miscalculations? :-) My main motivation in doing this is to contribute to bringing more Light, Love & Laughter to a Planet and Universe that I happen to love very much, and am pleased to be part of. Unlike many whom I've talked to in recent years, I'm thoroughly up for coming back in another incarnation, because dear friends, I have an incredibly strong gut feeling that things are really just about to get GOOD with 2012 staring us in the face. Really. I believe it's the beginning of a new way of thinking, treating one another, and respecting Mother Earth and all her creatures, plant, animal & mineral. Why not adopt a positive attitude about it all? Today is really all any of us has, for certain, anyway. Right here - right now, this minute. Why not choose to live in an attitude of gratitude and spread all the LIGHT possible, rather than hiding in the corner, quaking with fear and dread? Well, which feels better to YOU? I thought so!

So I'll be sharing the Brotherhood's channeled messages, starting immediately (maybe even this week - so subscribing will keep you informed of when a new message has been posted) I'll also be sharing links and referrals to other Psychics, Healers, Authors, Teachers & Practitioners whom I know to be gifted and genuinely operating from the Heart.

One more thing - you're welcome to email me your questions for consideration for inclusion in the blog. These will need to be spiritually/metaphysically oriented questions that all readers will find informative, intriguing, worth consideration - in other words, NOT requests for personal readings. Think more "greater good" when submitting your questions & please send them to:  Thank you.

Again, thanks for checking in. Never forget who you are, where you came from and to continue to clarify why you chose to be here. You're a shimmering spark of Divine Mind - you have purpose, value beyond measure, and are much loved, even on your darkest day.

Bless you & Thanks for joining me on this Journey!

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