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Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy August ( well, almost!)

Greetings, Blog Readers & Cre8ors!

How YOU doin'? :-) Me, I'm a Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Worker/Healer - I'm also a published author (4 times now and counting....) Here's my website:

There you'll find info about my work, how to book appointments, testimonials, referrals & more. Please feel free to email me with your comments about this blog as it evolves - just write to

We are ALL conglomerate, multi-talented beings, and I feel it's time we unite in positive thoughts and actions, putting the Laws of the Universe into practice as best we can.

This is my pledge to share information I feel will help raise the vibration of those who read it, and hopefully create a positive ripple effect and bless Mother Earth, all her inhabitants and heck, why not? The whole flippin' Universe! lol

As spiritual beings visiting/attending classes (some are a real pain, but others are GREAT, ain't they?)  here at Earth School having a physical experience, I believe that now more than ever we really need to connect and realize that we truly all are ONE - from the same source. A Higher Consciousness is indeed flowing in & we need to be ready to network, communicate and support one another as never before as 2012 approaches.

May the blessings of the Divine Master Creator shine upon you this day & every day.

If you'd like a great pick-me-up/inspiration from the dolphins, one of the Creators BEST ideas, in my book, please give this a look-see:

Decide to make this a great day - it IS up to you, after all! Namaste'