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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Soul Groups, Downloads and Bears, oh my (well, not really any bears)

Good Saturday, to those of you reading this on the same day I am writing it - Good ANY day/night, for all the rest :-)
Thanks for subscribing to this blog, by the way. I really appreciate it. I have my first write-in question from a client/reader, and it's a great one - happy to do what I can to address it. This will be followed by a couple of updates/announcements - and I welcome MORE ?s - send 'em on in, friends! Either here or to - either works!

Kerri from Phoenix wrote:
 I have a question about soul groups.   It seems that souls come and experience lifetimes with souls in their group and in varying degrees.   I would have thought that creation would be fueled by really mixing it up and introducing souls to other not so familiar souls on the physical plane.   So why are souls incarnating with their soul groups?
Great ?, Kerri! I feel that we do often encounter new/different souls as well - otherwise, how could we all learn new lessons & benefit from our interconnection? However, it's the feeling of "don't I know you from somewhere?" with certain lovely folks whose paths cross ours and vice versa that really stand out most for a lot of us....the deja vu' of recognition, even upon the first time you lay eyes upon one another. One of my amazing mentors, Merlin (yes, that's his real name!) put it very succinctly when he said,  (and I'm paraphrasing, embellishing, but the gist is the same :-)
"Think of it like this - if you were to charter a bus or a plane and go to a really fun destination like Disneyland or someplace you'd really love to hang out for a good long while, wouldn't you invite people to go with you whose company you truly enjoy, those who just make you feel good by being in their presence? And even though you all have different interests and may go on lots of different rides or to various areas of the park while you're there, just knowing you're all gathered in the same place, experiencing uplifting, fun energy has its own special flavor, its own wonderful mystical connectedness....some folks will come wave at you while you're in line waiting for the next ride. They might say something like, 'Hey, this was really great, but it's time for me to head home now....gonna get back on the bus, but I'll see you soon. Love ya!'  Life is pretty much like that - we tend to plan to cross paths with folks whom we love and love spending time with, so as souls, what's to stop us from chartering our itinerary before we ever incarnate, so that if and when possible, we see each other and get to hang out at Earth School? Because it's an adventure in and of itself, and really NOT a small, small world...."

Does that help, Kerri? I feel we need the newer/previously unknown souls to keep us on our toes and help us learn and teach lessons we mutually want, but the familiar beloved soul family members just help us remember who we are, what we love about them, and that WE are lovable, too. :-)

Now - announcements - my three CDs are now available as MP3 downloads on my website - check it out!

I'm doing FREE mini-readings on Facebook from time to time - may start my own chat room soon somewhere & will keep you posted, but for now, look up Cheryl E. Booth on Facebook and once we're Friends, if you're available when I'm doing the free readings, we're good to go!

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I'll also be posting a great video about an amazing pet therapy pit bull called "Roxy - Heal" on Youtube soon, and offering it for sale as a DVD - more info to follow!

Think that's it for now, friends. Be happy, healthy and prosperous! Enjoy the rest of August!



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love Is the Most Powerful Force on Earth

A wise person once said, "People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care."  It's also been written (and bears repeating) that the most important lesson you'll ever learn is to love another & be loved in return.

Please know, dear friends, that I absolutely love & care about you, the Earth & all Her Inhabitants, the Universe & God. And yes, it's taken me a lifetime, but I care about myself. May you do so, also, and celebrate YOUR Magnificence!

Please watch the beautiful video and allow the amazing music to fill up your heart, the written words to calm your mind, and the entire experience to bless your soul. There are many gifts you can receive in the less than 8 minutes it will take you to enjoy the process - give yourself that gift and enjoy!

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Light & Smiles,


Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Best Things in Life are Truly FREE - are YOU?

Greetings, my friends! Thanks to all who have signed on in the very recent past - my intention is to keep this blog fresh by updating it at least once a week, hopefully even more often. Again, if you have questions you'd like me to address regarding spirituality/metaphysics/the paranormal, etc., feel free to email them to me at

I opened that email account specifically for this blog, as well as for booking my one-woman show, "Medium, Rare"  I simply ask that you keep your questions/stories related to things that other readers will connect with, may have shared interests regarding the topic, etc.  Also, if you have a great story to share that you'd like me to post, I'm open to reviewing those. Thanks!

So, onto the topic of THIS Post, I had the pleasure of spending the entire day in Lake Tahoe yesterday. (Just one spectacular breathtaking view at the top of this post) It's so beautiful, and the 90 minute drive there was breathtaking....reminding me of what an extremely talented, creative powerhouse the Master Creator is. And to realize that we are all outpicturing extensions of that phenomenal energy is at once humbling and magnificent. Really shifts one's perspective into what is truly important in life.

Experiencing the sights, smells and sounds of the mountains, the river running along the highway, and of course, the Lake itself - sheer ecstasy, and free to drink in to your heart's content. What we take with us when our journey here at Earth School and what we leave behind as our legacy are two of the most important elements I can imagine. Indeed, it IS possible to create and live a spectacular physical experience here while still very much maintaining awareness of our innate Divine birthright - that of a spiritual LIGHT being. 

Living the Golden Rule every day to the best of our ability is one sure way I've discovered to guarantee a good night's sleep - treating EVERYONE else in your experience (other drivers on the highway, EVERYBODY!) as you would like to be treated, a best you can. Feeling good about who you are and helping others in some way, whenever you can. It could be just extending a smile to a complete stranger. That simple act could be exactly what they needed in that moment to turn their life around. The smallest gestures are often the most powerful.

None of this costs a dime, either. I'm talking about the creativity, the love and appreciation, the gratitude that we all have and can tap into, and should each and every day. Doing something kind for someone else, whether it's random or planned - is there really anything that creates more of a feeling of fulfillment? If you've found something (and I'm not talking about the brief satisfaction that most assuredly comes with eating a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor - now undeniably, that's tasty, but not long lasting! lol)

I guess what I'm trying to say here is when we live in the moment, connecting as purely as possible with our TRUE, AUTHENTIC SELF - our Higher Self - that's priceless. Please share any comments, questions that you have - drop me a line - let me know what simple pleasures fill you up, make you feel grateful. What awakens you to feel HAPPY that you chose to come forth in physical form in the here and now, in spite of all the seeming chaos in the world. It's really a wonderful place, if you let it be. Being out in nature is one sure way to reconnect with the core of who we are. What about you? What makes you feel FREE? What are some of the best things Life offers YOU that are absolutely FREE of a price tag? Would love to post some of the responses, with your permission.

Much Love & UNLIMITED Blessings are yours this day & Every day!