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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Brotherhood of LIght's Message June 7, 2011

Here is the first message from the Brotherhood Of Light sent through me since 2003. Their name for me is Chalara, just so you know.

Next week’s message will be accompanied by any Q & A that come in (remember to send your questions/comments to Also, I will be sharing names and contact info of various practitioners whose talents and services you may choose to benefit from.

Dearest Ones Now Based on Planet Earth,

We come to you from the Light realms of what has been termed the Great Beyond….beyond the stars, further than your Galaxy or even your Hubbell telescope has yet to discover (we applaud that invention, by the way. In fact, its technology was shared with some of you by beings from closer to where we resonate) In any case, we are delighted to be transmitting once again through this vehicle we call Chalara, and hope that what we have to share will be helpful and informative.

Firstly, we send you many blessings and tremendous LOVE. Love is truly the most insurmountable, unstoppable force in the Universe, and today we wish to remind you of this simple yet oh, so powerful fact.

Whenever you feel frightened, unsteady, anxious, panicky, worried, depressed – any vibration which is unpleasant or brings you dis-ease or distress in any way, shape or form, we want you to know that it can be traced back to your buying into the illusion that you are not loved. That you, yourself are not LOVE. But that is more than illusion – it is a bold-faced lie, Dear Ones. For you came from Divine Creative Source, which IS Love, so how could you be less?

Your choice to migrate to planet earth in physical form at this particular time in that magnificent globe’s history is, well, nothing less than monumental. Incredibly courageous. Whether you recall it or not, you volunteered on the soul level and somehow felt you were up for the challenge, and indeed, you are. Some of you very old souls have been present on her surface in ages past when similar shifts, shakings, blowings, burnings and floodings were occurring, but that is in memory long past. All of this seems so new and overwhelming to you right now, so bleak and hopeless to many. So much so that there have been several mass exoduses of souls, and there will be more. That is all in alignment, and just know that any souls who leave come Home to the Light. Immediately.

We want to assure you that it is a purging, a sweeping, the ultimate cleansing that your Earth Mother must now undergo in order to allow the dawn of true enlightenment to be birthed. We wish to share with you that 2012 is nothing to fear. It is the beginning of a fresh opportunity – what may be born out of seeming chaos is infinitesimal beauty, peace, harmony and love. But you needn’t wait until December 21st, 2012 to experience this. In fact, we suggest you “book your reservations” right now and get onboard the “peace train” – secure yourself the best seat possible, and get to know your fellow travelers by BEING Love, BEING Peace and BEING mutual Respect for one another, and for your Earthly Matriarch, as well. She desires all of these, and has been denied them for far too long. Do this NOW, if you have not already begun. It will help things go much more smoothly, assuredly.

No transition is easy. Empires crumble (they were illusions to begin with, remember), people move on (none of you was meant to spend your entire existence in the physical realm, you may have simply forgotten this)….it is an exciting time to be alive and along for the ride. ENJOY IT! Be thankful each day, each hour and for every interchange you experience with fellow travelers. It’s about being kind, cooperating, forgiving, expressing love and generosity one with the other….and we must remind you of this once again – start with YOURSELF. You are a spark of divinity, do you not recall? So what is unlovable, unremarkable, unlike nothing short of a miracle about that? About YOU?

Swim in a sea of perpetual gratitude each day that you are present, for though you are part of the ONE, you are a unique expression of it and have your own particular contribution to offer. Be Happy, this is our fondest desire for you. For when one is truly Happy, then they most easily transmit the vibrational frequency necessary to draw all the players, components and materials to them which they envisioned when designing their soul contract, their mission. When you were present here with us, in your LIGHT Body, your Soul’s purest form. The form to which you return when you dream, and with practice, when you meditate. THAT is the eternal part of you, beloved.

Stay in the flow of this gratitude, for it removes blockages, prevents illnesses and lets you fully experience and savor the pure delicious adventure you are participating in, each step of the way.

We have more to impart to you, but wish to share it a little at a time, so as not to overwhelm anyone. We know you are busy, busy, busy on your earth. And so you desired to be, and so you should be. We simply encourage you in all your busy-ness to remember what is REAL, what you shall leave behind as your imprint on your glorious planet, and what you shall take with you when you return to the unadulterated Energy from when you came and are inherently a part of. Perhaps a slight re-prioritization would assist with this. Ruminate on this, and let us know.

Oh, yes, you are able to “plug in” and talk with us directly. We are not inaccessible, or only for the few as opposed to the many. We have always been here, as have you, since your soul was first incarnate. Give it a try. Meditate and call upon us – you’ll feel us and learn to hear and experience us on other sensory levels, with just a bit of practice and dedication. This is a co-creative endeavor, you see. So you must be willing to expend some effort. The beauty of it is, to be effortless in the stillness, to tune out the madness that others perceive as reality and truly allow your body/mind/spirit to reconnect with Source. If you sincerely seek this, you will surely find it. That is a promise of the most sacred order of trust.

Our Love for you is immeasurable. Shine your Light and Love on one another and on Mother Earth. Remember that She is a living, breathing being who needs your understanding and allowance to go through her re-birthing.

Blessedness, Joyfulness and Inner Peace are Yours! Claim them right now!

The Brotherhood of Light

Monday, June 6, 2011

The 2012 Countdown is Well Underway, So Why not Choose to Celebrate?

Greetings, my Friends! 

Since an unusual number of folks lately have requested that I begin a regular newsletter once again (it's been YEARS since I did this, so I do my best to pay attention when something keeps coming to my attention over & over in a short span of time) I thought I'd give it a go again, but this time, via blog. So Welcome, and Thank YOU for being here!

Since the early 1990s, I have been channeling (primarily in writing, but on occasion in gallery style & private readings) a wonderful group of beings who have always identified themselves to me as "The Brotherhood of Light." You can look them up; there are a variety of names for these entities out there. Primarily composed of Ascended Masters, their number includes St. Germain, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, St. Francis and many other incredibly enlightened souls. It is a privilege to share their messages on a larger scale with those who are seeking it, once again.

With all the broohaha about 2012, the timing feels appropriate, especially since the predicted end of the world didn't arrive recently (apparently due to some mathematical miscalculations? :-) My main motivation in doing this is to contribute to bringing more Light, Love & Laughter to a Planet and Universe that I happen to love very much, and am pleased to be part of. Unlike many whom I've talked to in recent years, I'm thoroughly up for coming back in another incarnation, because dear friends, I have an incredibly strong gut feeling that things are really just about to get GOOD with 2012 staring us in the face. Really. I believe it's the beginning of a new way of thinking, treating one another, and respecting Mother Earth and all her creatures, plant, animal & mineral. Why not adopt a positive attitude about it all? Today is really all any of us has, for certain, anyway. Right here - right now, this minute. Why not choose to live in an attitude of gratitude and spread all the LIGHT possible, rather than hiding in the corner, quaking with fear and dread? Well, which feels better to YOU? I thought so!

So I'll be sharing the Brotherhood's channeled messages, starting immediately (maybe even this week - so subscribing will keep you informed of when a new message has been posted) I'll also be sharing links and referrals to other Psychics, Healers, Authors, Teachers & Practitioners whom I know to be gifted and genuinely operating from the Heart.

One more thing - you're welcome to email me your questions for consideration for inclusion in the blog. These will need to be spiritually/metaphysically oriented questions that all readers will find informative, intriguing, worth consideration - in other words, NOT requests for personal readings. Think more "greater good" when submitting your questions & please send them to:  Thank you.

Again, thanks for checking in. Never forget who you are, where you came from and to continue to clarify why you chose to be here. You're a shimmering spark of Divine Mind - you have purpose, value beyond measure, and are much loved, even on your darkest day.

Bless you & Thanks for joining me on this Journey!